Solar TV System

Solar-powered 22″, 24″, 32″ and 43″ TVs with LED lighting, mobile charging and options for rechargeable radio & torch

A real life changing story

These Cello Solar TV Systems are now being delivered across rural African locations. This video tells one family’s story as they enjoy the benefits of solar-powered TV, LED lighting and mobile phone charging.

Solar Home System

Standard configuration

Solar Panel
30W/40W PV panel
with fixing bracket and screws
Battery nowire
LiFEPO4 battery
Smart antenna with 18dB
amplifier – VHF/UHF
Battery TV Accessories
Remote control
and screw driver
Cables and Bulbs
3 x high
LED lights

The Cello Solar TV can be sourced as a standalone product, or with a range of high quality appliances to enhance the customer experience.

Unique benefits of the Cello
Solar TV system

  • There are no wasted components as all solar items are built into the TV, reducing cost, packaging and weight
  • Excellent customer experience delivered through the large TV screen interface that displays the PayGo functions, battery status and other useful information
  • Smart TV power functions substantially extend the battery runtime by adjusting TV energy consumption according to the prevailing conditions
  • Easy PayGo token entry with the TVs remote control
  • Extendibility of TV system by adding extension kits for power, fan, phone charging and fridge using a fraud protection PayGo heartbeat from the TV system


The Cello Solar TV can be sourced as a standalone product, or with a range of high-quality appliances to enhance the customer experience.More Info >


Advanced features such as the smart TV power regulation and integrated decoder are able to extend the runtime considerably.More Info >


Extension kits can be added to the Solar TV System. The extension kits are PayGo enabled through a PayGo heartbeat provided be the SOlar TV System.More Info >