standalone solar TVs

The World's first


These TVs are a world first. They can be operated in remote
regions of the world where electricity supply is either regularly
disrupted or non-existent.

The 22” and 32” solar powered all-in-one packages include the
LED TV, portable solar panel, TV aerial and lighting in one box.


The Cello solar powered TV is an out of the box solution
that is simple to operate. The TV is positioned in the
house whilst the solar panel and smart antenna are
placed in a suitable location outdoors.

To see for yourself have a look at the product video
which explains in detail how the package works and the
ease with which it can be set up in the home.

What’s in the box
Smart antenna
Solar panel
Two high efficiency LED lamps
Battery pack
What’s in the box
The TVs are available in 22” and
32” screen sizes. Key features

- Full HD 1080p
- Satellite tuner
- DVBT2 digital channels
- USB for device charging
- HDMI inputs x 2

Smart Energy Management

This patented technology enables up to 12 hours
of operation and full control of the following:

  • Battery storage and rate of charge
  • Priority of energy use
  • TV performance
  • Battery run time
  • Optimises use for different weather conditions
Mobile charging
Using the TVs USB inputs, mobile phones and other devices can be charged from the TV. In an environment where mobile phones are regularly used and grid power is scarce this is a major benefit.
PayGo TV
Via specialist software consumers can easily pay for solar TV usage by purchasing a service code entered via the TV remote control. If you are a potential distributor interested in this service please get in touch.


  • 2 x 1amp phone charge USB sockets
  • 2 x media player and recorder USB sockets
  • 32” has 9.9 Li Ion option
  • 2 x HDMI sockets
  • Battery Charge indication
  • Change CI line to “CI & CI+ CAM and Cardless
  • CAM slot
  • Token based Paygo system option

About Cello Solar

Cello Solar (Kenya) Ltd is an associate company of one of Great Britain’s
leading LED TV brands, Cello Electronics. Cello is one of Europe’s most
innovative LED TV brands.

All of its TV products are manufactured at a specially developed
production facility in the North East of England and are distributed in
the UK and Europe through major retailers offline and on. In addition to
Cello branded televisions, the company also produces for partners such
as Ferguson.

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